Abuse in Care Facilities

Protecting Adults in Care in Manitoba

Protection for Persons in Care Act is a law to help protect adults from abuse while receiving care in personal care homes, hospitals or any other designated health facility.

Defining abuse

Under this law, the definition of abuse includes physical, sexual, mental, emotional and financial mistreatment.  Any of these, alone or in combination, is considered "abuse" if the mistreatment is reasonably likely to cause death, serious harm or significant property loss.

Duty to report

In Manitoba, it is now mandatory to report suspected abuse promptly.  This means that anyone who has a reasonable basis to believe abuse is occurring, or is likely to occur, must report these concerns as soon as possible.

How to report

With the introduction of this new law, Manitoba Health has set up the Protection for Persons in Care Office.  This office receives and investigates reports of suspected abuse.

  • If a person's life or well-being is in immediate danger, take steps to ensure the person's safety first Then call the Protection for Persons in Care Office's confidential, toll-free line at 1-866-440-6366 (outside Winnipeg) or 788-6366 in Winnipeg

  • If you're not sure whether a situation needs to be reported, call the Office for assistance

Reporting safeguards

When suspected abuse is reported in good faith, the Act prohibits:

  • any interruption in the care and services provided to patients and residents; and
  • any action or proceedings against any person, including health facility employees, for reporting suspected abuse.

The Act also protects caregivers, and others who work with persons in care, against malicious reporting.

The Reporting and Investigation Process

Here's how the process works:

  • After receiving a report of suspected abuse, the protection for persons in Care Office inquires into the matter.
  • Where there is reason to believe that abuse has occurred, or is likely to occur, the matter is quickly investigated.
  • Under the law, a health facility operator may be required to take action as a result of this investigation.
  • Where necessary, the incident may be referred to a professional regulatory body for further review.
  • Any failure to comply with the Act, including intentionally making a false report, may result in charges being laid and fines imposed.

Training & Presentations

To make arrangements for the Protection for Persons in Care Office (PPCO) to provide training or presentations, please contact the office at 788-6366, toll free 1-866-440-6366 or email protection@gov.mb.ca.

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